Gateway Commons

Oakland, CA United States

Pyatok Associates


Project Description

2001 RADA

Affordable / Merit

The judges applauded Pyatok Associates' straightforward approach to the challenging site of Gateway Commons. This 17-unit affordable community sits on the border between the cities of Emeryville and Oakland, Calif., and on top of a county-owned underground creek. "We weren't allowed to build on the county's land," says Michael Pyatok, FAIA. "That's why there's a break in the middle of the project."

Before starting design, Pyatok held a series of workshops with the community's future residents, low- and moderate-income buyers who already lived in the neighborhood. He supplied them with three-dimensional modeling kits and asked them to experiment with different densities and configurations. The workshops revealed that the families involved with the project wanted opportunities for home-based businesses and rental income. So, in the final design, the 10 street-facing units contain a potential live/work space, and the seven across the auto court have a ground-floor bedroom that can be rented out.


Project Details

Gateway Commons
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Firm Name:
Project Team:
    Curtis Caton, Project Architect.
  • Land planner: Larry Taylor 
  • Developer: Antonio Bryant 
  • General Contractor: Mohammad Hakimi 
  • Landscape Architect: Rich Seyfarth 
  • Photographer: Michael Pyatok 


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