Fort Vancouver Library

Vancouver, WA United States

Miller Hull Architects, Streimer Sheet Metal (Building Envelope)


Project Description

The Vancouver Community Library was designed for long-term flexibility and adaptability as libraries change over time. Large open floor areas and a flexible raised access floor, containing mechanical and electrical systems, allow for easily rearranged spaces in the coming years and contribute to the overall sustainable design goals and projected LEED Gold certification. The use of natural daylight was a key design strategy, and the narrow building and arrangement of shelves maximizes north and south light. Carefully sized overhangs and the strategic use of clear and shaded glass (both a stainless steel mesh shade and ceramic frit) control heat gain and glare.

As the role of the library changes, including the evolution of how we consume books and media, the Vancouver Community Library stands out as the library of the future — anticipating that we cannot and do not know what to expect, but designed to adapt and respond when that future (and the next future) arrives.


Project Details

Fort Vancouver Library
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Project Team:
    Adin Dunning (Miller Hull), Bret Langos (Streimer Sheet Metal)
Project Scope:
Project Type:
Project Status:
Year Completed:
Project Size:
    80,000 sq ft
Construction Cost:
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