Fieldstone Guest House

Sonoma, CA United States


Project Description

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

The Fieldstone Cottage is a unique project for DM+A. It was a collaboration with the owner and ourselves that started with the larger home on the property and morphed into a near perfect project. The spatial limits were set by code, the location was determined by an earlier structure of similar size and moving the plumbing was too costly. The materials were chosen because they were selected in the larger house, we wanted the continuity of the form, texture and color. The project was unique because DM+A also became part of the design-build team, drawings were generated mostly on-site with craftsman at hand to add their expertise to details that were in concept sound, but needed the experience of the builder to execute.


Project Details

Fieldstone Guest House
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Project Team:
    De Meza Mart Design Build, Builder
  • Interior Designer: CSR Design 
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Project Size:
    680 sq ft
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