Ell Residence

Omaha, NE United States


Project Description

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

Located in an Art Deco hotel recently converted for private condominium use, we designed a penthouse apartment for a filmmaker with a roof deck overlooking the center of downtown Omaha. This apartment reinterprets the use of poché to create a cinematic architecture of sequence and frame. For the L-shaped unit we created a set of nested spaces with a grand room that appears as an exterior within the confines of the dense walls. 15-foot ceilings allowed the construction of a cozy mezzanine along the vertical path to the private roof deck above. Primary wood veneered walls hide bedrooms, house utilitarian areas, service functions and bathrooms. The wood has been CNC milled to form railings and light shields embedded within the walls. Recycled wood flooring and Douglas Fir wood ties contrast with the smooth wood veneer walls.


Project Details

Ell Residence
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Project Team:
    Boyd Jones Construction, Builder, Omaha, Neb.
  • Structural Engineer: Shaffer & Stevens, PC 
  • A/V Consultant: The Sound Environment 
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Project Size:
    3,200 sq ft


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