Edge House

Pepin, WI United States

Sala Architects


Project Description

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

Sited in southwestern Wisconsin, a gravel road leads up from the Mississippi River Valley to the first glimpse of this weekend retreat: a cluster of simple forms reminiscent of a small farmstead. The site negotiates an edge between two powerful site conditions - expansive farmland to the north, and a treed bluff on the Mississippi River to the south.

The original parcel had been partially razed by a developer, leaving a 100' gash in the tree canopy that provided the basis of response to the site - to reoccupy the void with an elongated bar.

A Machine Shed and Tool Shed house are positioned to offer privacy from the road, while the Living Pavilion opens southward for views and solar access. A single-sloped roof controls seasonal entry of direct sunlight and operable windows provide cross ventilation for the cool river breezes. To the north, living spaces are shielded from harsh winter conditions by a thickened steel wall.


Project Details

Edge House
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Project Team:
    Planesman Construction, Builder, Roberts, Wis.
  • Structural Engineer: Align Structural Inc. 
  • Landscape Architect: Prairie Restorations 
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Project Size:
    1,750 sq ft
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