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colombelles, Normandie France

atelier PO&PO

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We tried to define an individual living environment in a collective universe. We favored, in a project of grouped housing environment, the elements which characterize the well-being, of the individual housing, such as: no common areas(parts), entered personalized and housing recognizable, individual terraces with rooms(parts,plays) to be lived sunny and housing traversants. It is the idea of the in town individual, isolated house, on the roof.

Then, while keeping(preserving), the scale(ladder) of the project in the dimension(size) of an urban collective, we worked the volumes on the dimension(size) and according to the shape of a house of our collective unconscious. We added to it, a harmony of colors and materials.

At least two reasons, in it: the first one(night) is a necessity, to re-decompose to individualize him(it) better and in a more intimist scale(ladder) to the advantage of the individual.

The second, he(it) is useful especially in the renting, to give the feeling of appropriation, identification of his(its) housing environment. I live in this house there and not in an other one, it is at my home(with me).

Then, there is here a will, more than to look, but to find in us this child's share, which makes that as adult we feel good and our children also. Our city is playful, cheerful, colored and brightened up.

It is an attempt of redefining of the everyday life(daily paper) of the urban.

We try to develop, elements necessary for the fact that has to be the shared city.


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colombelles libera
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    Atelier PO&PO (Jean-Luc Calligaro /Bruno Palisson)
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    2,400 sq m
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