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Clean Start

The owners of this Austin, Texas, home wanted big remodeling bang on a moderate budget, so architect Kevin Alter suggested they focus on the kitchen. He combined it with an enclosed foyer and coat closet and knocked down a few walls to garner more space and better integration with other rooms.


Alter selected basic yet rich materials and used them in uncomplicated ways to help keep the budget in check without sacrificing quality. “Cherry is a beautiful and affordable veneer,” says Alter as one example. He credits builder Joseph Zambarano with ideas to further reduce costs, like fabricating flat-panel doors for those cherry cabinets, but matching up grain patterns to show off the custom effort.

The design created spaces that are airy and interactive, but it also brought up a client concern about keeping things looking tidy. The architect responded with ample storage and a simple palette to generate an anti-clutter atmosphere. Spreading things out enhances a clean feel as well. “The owners like to cook, but don't mind taking that extra step so another person has room to walk by,” explains Alter, “plus lots of counter space lets someone sit and read the paper while someone else cooks.”


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Clean Start
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    AlterStudio, Architect.
  • Builder: Joseph Zambarano 
  • Cabinetmaker: Joseph Zambarano 
  • Photographer: Thomas McConnell 
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