Chadwick Residence, Malibu, Calif.

Malibu, CA United States


Project Description

With the cost of oceanfront real estate on Malibu's Carbon Beach, known in many circles as "Billionalres' Beach", running in the tens of millions of dollars, a primary design objective is to maximize the home's square footage.

This large scale residence began with a very detailed study that maximized the home's volume on the site. From there, the form was sparingly and judiciously chiseled away to create the optimum balance of form, scale, and maximum square footage.

Hallways running perpendicular to the view were essentially eliminated to maximize ocean vistas from all habitable spaces. Local knowledge of the environmental detriments of the Pacific Coast Highway influenced numerous design elements, from the entry tower vestibule and the raised entry court to the placement of rooms along the highway facade.

A cantilevered pool and raised sod play yard dominate the outdoor spaces, while a home theatre, ocean front bar and tequila tasting room with shark tank provide for more adult oriented recreational activities.


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Chadwick Residence, Malibu, Calif.
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    Lester Tobias, Principal
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