Cala Mandia

Manacor, Mallorca, Islas Baleares Spain

CMV Architects


Project Description

Due to the geometry and topography of the parcel, with unevenness of over 10 meters of fall from the street, it is chosen to construct two different typologies to better adjust to the land. Also, is distinguished the intervention through a little amassed volumetry. As far as for the distribution of the dwellings; the lounges are placed in the upper floor so it allows a better view without needing to rise too much the ground floor. The access is built by the back façades, average level below from the plant floor, with the intention to better fit the building in the land.


Project Details

Cala Mandia
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Project Team:
    Andreu Crespi, Architect: Helena Montes, Architect and Pep Vich, Architect.
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Project Size:
    1,602 sq m


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