Broadway Park Lofts - Phase 2&3 Roof Decks

Salt Lake City, UT United States


Project Description

These luxury downtown loft style condominiums’ plans included roof decks but the project got off to a rocky start when it was put on hold for about 3 years after Phase 1.

The 1st Phase roof decks had been completed with a bad plan and poor installation of an underlayment below composite boards. They were already showing signs of waterproofing failure before the next Phase even started.

With two Phases left to complete, the new developer had to be confident in the product and the installation techniques for these high-profile roof decks.

The project developer contacted Duradek of Utah who was able to provide the ideal solution for these new penthouse roof decks - Duradek Supreme Granite Chip.

Installed by trained and authorized professionals that are skilled in the specific details that roof deck waterproofing requires, Duradek provides long lasting waterproofing peace of mind with a 10-year waterproofing warranty.

The new condo owners get a beautiful, low maintenance roof deck that they can enjoy for years without the need for ongoing maintenance….and the project developer had some fast-selling, worry-free roof deck units.

Job Note:

Roof Decks are a fantastic value added feature that developers can use to increase profit and demand. The Broadway Park Loft towers’ units that had roof decks sold out rapidly and the developer now has a long waiting list for the next project. Furthermore, the inclusion of roof decks on the top floor units provided additional profit per 300 sq. ft. roof deck!

Quote from architect who viewed these roof decks on a CSI Walking Tour:

“I expected to see a roof. What I saw was a floor.”


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Broadway Park Lofts - Phase 2&3 Roof Decks
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Specified Products

Duradek Supreme Granite Chip Vinyl Membrane

Duradek vinyl membranes are a single ply sheet pvc membrane that are classified as both a pedestrian traffic coating and roofing membrane.

Duradek has been installed on over 125 million sq. ft. of decks in all North American climates over its 40 year history.




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