Brezza Condominiums

Kirkland, WA United States


Project Description

2000 RADA

Multifamily / Merit

Italy's celebrated hill towns were the inspiration for Brezza ("breeze" in Italian) Condominiums, a multifamily complex located on a steep hillside above Kirkland, Wash. "This site was a real challenge," says architect Brian Brand, but it afforded spectacular views of Seattle and easy access to Kirkland's rapidly developing downtown.

Brand's modern interpretation of a classic Italian model features two separate buildings, one a full story lower than the other. The spacious courtyard between them relieves the vertical mass of the buildings and allowed Brand to carve out apartments with a wide variety of different views.

Judges admired the "sophisticated and refined playfulness" of the design, and the way the massing is broken down by terraced top floors that reduce overall scale. Brand's siting and judicious use of materials also won plaudits from our judges--more high praise for a bravura performance with Italian flair.


Project Details

Brezza Condominiums
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Baylis Architects, Project Architect.
  • Developer: Tom McCracken 
  • Developer: Jim Jordan 
  • General Contractor: Rafn Co 
  • Landscape Architect: Randy Allworth 
  • Landscape Architect: Holly Moore 
  • Interior Designer: Brian Brand 
  • Interior Designer: Robert Reed 
  • Interior Designer: Jo Krueger 
  • Photographer: Steve Keating Photography 
Project Scope:
Project Type:
Project Status:


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