Bayuquan Library

Bayuquan, Yingkou, Liaoning Province China

Dushe Architectural Design


Project Description

Bayuquan library is another project designed by Dushe in Bayuquan near Bayuquan Theatre. The idea of this design was from two rotated books. And the rotated blocks provide a best view. The library is mainly made up of 3 parts including the basement block containing 2 levels, the cantilever (3rd floor) and the connection. The roof of the lower block provide exterior space for outdoor activities. In order to have a better view inside, the cantilever employs a full curtain wall. Additionally, the triangular atrium ensures enough daylight of the reading room.

The library use the similar material and construction strategy as the theatre.


Project Details

Bayuquan Library
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Kege Ling, Main Architect.
  • Civil Engineer: Yin Qin, Ding Wu and Long Chen 
Project Scope:
Project Type:
Project Status:
Year Completed:
Project Size:
    30,000 sq m


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