6 Luxury Flats

Lahore, Punjab Pakistan


Project Description

6 Luxury Flats

Lahore population is more than 10 million. Population is growing due to fast urbanization. Large houses are demolished to built smaller units. Land is very expensive in Lahore and must be carefully utilized. Land utilization and provision of parking space are biggest challenges. These issues are solved in this design.

This ‘6 Luxury Flats’ building is proposed on site / plot of demolished house. Plot size is 67’x67’. Level 1 is designed for parking. There are 12 parking stalls, 2 for each flat. Flats are designed on level 2, 3 & 4.


Project Details

6 Luxury Flats
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Project Team:
    Ar. Anwar UL Islam (0300-6969847)
Project Scope:
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Year Completed:
Project Size:
    12,996 sq ft
Construction Cost:


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