4600 North Bay Road Residence

Miami Beach, FL United States


Project Description

This family residence was designed to reclaim the relationship between inside and outside as well as the traditional tropical language used in Miami Beach in the first five decades of the 20 century. The project emphasis on the transition between the inside and outside space.

The living spaces stand between the courtyard and front yard, taking full advantage of the bay views and retreating at night on the serenity of the gardens. The house uses all the Architecture elements typical of the tropical weather to protect the house form the sun, they has been build using a combination of hand crafted design elements integrated with light, shadow and nature. “At once low-stung and high-flying, simple and complex, modest and grand, this house on Miami Beach’s Biscayne Bay sings an ode to Tropical modernism. Like much modernist architecture, the design is about solids and voids, but the ideas behind it aren’t limited to that. It embraces elements and materials – water, air, light, wood and stone – in a direct and substantial way”. “Pons sees the completed house as a “Bridge between earth and water “, and the connections are intimate.”


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4600 North Bay Road Residence
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