40 Mercer

New York, NY United States


Project Description

The apartment is located in 40 Mercer, a condominium tower by Jean Nouvel. All but the bathrooms and kitchen were remodelled. All existing maple floors are whitened, making the apartment feel considerably larger and even more luminous. Both the lobby and the office have custom millwork with clean details. Furnishings include linen curtains, a custom cowhide carpet, an oversized couch and vintage and contemporary unique furniture pieces. The spacious entry hall is transformed into an intimate library. Tall light coloured wood shelves and cabinets line both walls. Indirect lighting at the front edge of the shelves give the room a special glow at night. In contrast, the office walls are covered with dark wood. A custom wood table protrudes from the wall and appears to be floating.


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40 Mercer
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