Back in September 2008, ra reported on plans to move a Frank Gehry-designed guesthouse from its original location in Wayzata, Minn., to the Owatonna, Minn., campus of the University of St. Thomas. Minnesota's tricky late fall weather and early freezes prevented the university's house movers from actually moving any of the eight disassembled sections of the Winton guesthouse last year.

But with the arrival of spring and warmer weather, workers have picked up where they left off last September. In May, the first sections of the 2,300-square-foot house were moved to the base of the hill on which it was situated. This month Stubbs Building and House Movers will transport the fireplace room, two bedrooms, the kitchen, the living room, and a pyramid-shaped tower, weather permitting, to the grounds of the university's Daniel C. Gainey Conference Center. Reconstruction is expected to begin in July, according to Marlene M. Levine, director of the Gainey Center.

ra will post updates from the move, along with photos, as they become available.

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