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    A Virtuous Cycle

    Market Transformation chair Cliff Majersik says the drive to broader markets will be fueled by increased code compliance and the transformation of appraisal and finance processes.

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    The Balance of Systems

    Codes and Standards chair Sam Rashkin describes how new codes and evolving rating systems are addressing the "house-as-a-system" approach to performance.

  • Custom Homes Strive for Energy Independence

    This collection of custom houses strives for energy independence and minimal impact on the land.

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    The Future of Healthy Housing

    The health benefits of green homes include reduced health care expenses, says Indoor Environmental chair David Jacobs.

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    Every Precious Drop

    Water Efficiency chairs Mary Ann Dickinson and Carole Baker detail how improved technologies, policies, and practices will help achieve new levels of water efficiency by 2020.

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    Field Survey

    Where are the gaps in preservation education?

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    The Next Built Environment, Today

    Energy & Carbon chairs Edward Mazria and Francesca Desmarais examine what the building sector needs to do to expand sustainable design and reduce carbon levels to 350 ppm by 2030.

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    Urban Regeneration: Designing Beyond the Building

    How is urban regeneration transforming the way we live?

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    Tipping Point

    Two bike-share programs look to set a standard for healthier cities.

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    EHDA Merit Award: Project Green Home

    Palo Alto, Calif., Passive House touts greywater system and urine-diverting toilets.

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