• The brick-sided buildings strike a balance between modernism and traditionalism. In the Dallas area, brick masonry also is very economical.

    Prototype Housing for Modest Means: Reverse Engineering the Rent, Dallas

    A scalable site plan of four-plex units offers renters the promise of home ownership.

  • Ralph Bunche Neighborhood Vision Plan, Benton, Ark.

    Low-impact development and innovative home design offer the potential to revitalize a 100-year-old African-American neighborhood.

  • Living spaces, divided into separate zones for men and for women, cluster around a walled central courtyard.

    Suliman House, Juba, Sudan

    This proposed residence, for an extended family in Sudan, reflects the country's climatic and cultural norms.

  • Image

    Elm, Hidden Creek, Neb.

    Randy Brown, FAIA, LEED AP, is opposed to the typical suburban production home, so he designed the Elm model of the Hidden Creek 12-unit project to fly in the face of convention.

  • warwick grove, the warwick, warwick, n.y.

    Our judges gave this project an award both for what it is--a modest production house model that exemplifies quality over quantity--and for what it isn't. "It's not McMansiony," said one judge.

  • the state, san diego, calif.

    Architect-developer Jonathan Segal, FAIA, wanted to build himself a house in San Diego's Little Italy neighborhood. But he needed to find a way to finance it.

  • row homes on f, san diego, calif.

    Architect Kevin DeFreitas wanted to avoid a condo project in downtown San Diego, fraught with lawsuits brought by homeowner associations, yet maximize the number of dwellings on this pricey piece of land.

  • the six, tucson, ariz.

    The houses in this Arizona infill development didn't have anywhere to turn. Built on the back sections of deep lots, four of the six face private drives and the fences of nearby buildings.

  • yanonali court, santa barbara, calif.

    This Santa Barbara, Calif., infill project stands out for achieving LEED Platinum and doubling the area's typical density, but it also blends smoothly with the neighborhood's Sp

  • thin flats, philadelphia

    Design/build firm PLUMBOB LLC subdivided two vacant city lots and inserted these eight condos that blend contemporary interiors with energy-efficient, sustainable living.

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