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    Top-Floor Loft in Minneapolis Offers Rooftop Sunroom and River Views

    Two adjacent lofts in an historic Minneapolis building become a single spacious residence--with river views to boot.

  • This home has south-facing glass doors with sliding metal sunscreens that reduce glare and heat gain.

    An Architect Applies Simple Solutions to a Green House

    Low-tech sustainable solutions help a St. Peters, Minn., home achieve LEED Gold.

  • Plenty of built-in storage helps keep the interiors looking pristine.

    Weekend House on Lake Superior, Schroeder, Minn.

    Julie Snow's weekend home on Lake Superior defers to its serene natural environment.

  • Stainless steel mesh screens on teak nailers provide security and communicate quality.

    Job Site Trailer, Wayzata, Minn.

    On a rough-and-dirty construction site, this job trailer creates just the right image for its owner, a high-end contractor.

  • salmela architect

    Sun-drenched white walls, taut wood, and trim slate-gray floors are trademarks of David Salmela's Scandinavia-inspired architecture. Add a cobalt blue conference table and precise stacks of white project boxes, and you have his Duluth, Minn., workspace.

  • remote control

    Architect and prefab purveyor Geoffrey Warner, AIA, says most of the requests for his modern, modular weeHouses are for use as vacation homes.

  • the streeter house, deephaven, minn.

    The design of this house nestled between pond and marsh is all about controlling views. The site looks remote, but the hitherto “unbuildable” lot is actually wedged into a cluster of homes ringing a communal pond.

  • city rhythms

    Urban infill is perhaps the most important housing typology an architect can pursue. Not only does it promote density, it repairs decaying communities, creates new neighborhoods, and utilizes existing infrastructure.

  • bath: hidden help

    The standard sink fit into the apron of the countertop in Barb and Hans Gasterland's first-floor powder room is a good example of the kinds of design touches that architect Rosemary McMonigal used throughout the house.

  • kitchen: body and soul

    Over the years, Minneapolis architect Rosemary McMonigal has designed many homes for people with special needs. But the particular concerns that Minneapolis residents Barb and Hans Gasterland brought to her were downright daunting.

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