International Projects

  • green dream

    In the workaday world, creative architects are limited by such prosaic matters as clients' tastes and budgets.

  • unfettered vision

    John Lautner tended to set his expectations high. He wanted his architecture to nourish clients both mentally and spiritually, as well as satisfy their basic need for shelter. At the Arango House on Mexico's Acapulco Bay, he realized this grand ambition to glorious effect.

  • georgian bay retreat, cedar ridge, ontario, canada

    The uncomplicated form and plan of this bay-front home in Ontario won the judges' admiration. The home's layout is organized along a circulation spine that parallels the austere, cedar-covered front facade.

  • norway: nordic track

    The architect of this 3,000-square-foot house in southeastern Norway, Einar Dahle, isn't one for hyperbole.

  • china: open-and-shut case study

    Any architect who thinks a room with a Murphy bed represents the apex of flexibility should meet Gary Chang of EDGE Design Institute.

  • swiss lessons

    Two language barriers confronted architect Frederick Stelle when he began renovating this lakefront house in Zurich, Switzerland. A German-speaking Swiss associate in his office solved the obvious one. But the existing visual expressions were more difficult to sort through.

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