• New clerestories bring natural light into the kitchen, and radiant-heated terrazzo floors provide even warmth.

    Lake Forest Park Renovation Kitchen by Finne Architects

    The kitchen of this 1950s ranch house is reborn by updating some of its original features and adding custom-fabricated surfaces.

  • The cross-gable roof on this European-styled home by Knudson Gloss Architects ensures that it can always be outfitted with solar roof panels, regardless of its site orientation.

    Thinking Inside the Box

    BUILDER magazine challenges four architects to design floor plans for today's market inside a 1,500-square-foot box.

  • Windows back a glass-fronted cabinet, which transmits daylight while screening views of a neighboring house.

    Minnehaha Creek Addition by Albertsson Hansen Architecture

    An efficient new kitchen is the do-everything room this small Minneapolis house always needed.

  • Image

    Dutcher Creek Kitchen by Nielsen:Schuh Architects

    This California wine country kitchen creates a coherent sense of space while never losing touch with its surroundings.

  • Natural Instincts

    Architect William S. Duff Jr. and his clients approached eco-friendliness in a holistic way at the Wheeler Residence in Menlo Park, Calif.

  • kitchen: dining out

    To get both an open interior and a full garage on a 30-foot-by-80-foot lot, architects Barbara Callas and Steven Shortridge, AIA, gave 543 House, as it's called, a section that rises in a staggered series of split levels.

  • houghton residence, omaha, neb.

    One programmatic move transformed the kitchen of a traditional builder house into an urbane space that works as well for intimate dinners as it does for large parties.

  • hannah's house, memphis, tenn.

    Architect Todd Walker is a Modernist, but he realizes that for some people the style has an ascetic quality to it. So when he set about designing this kitchen for his small family, he wanted to achieve a space that was softer and gentler and, most important, didn't take itself too seriously.

  • Ruhl Walker Architects Pens an Expansive and Dramatic Kitchen

    In a Boston loft the firm dubbed "Urban Living XXL," this kitchen/great room serves as the central gathering place.

  • short order

    This pint-sized space presented architect Brandon Pace, AIA, LEED AP, with an outsized challenge: design a functional, comfortable, and stylish kitchen in the volume many new houses would devote to a walk-in closet.

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