• double dipping

    A vacation home usually promotes languorous living, and no room encourages relaxation like a soothing bath. But sometimes bathing is a practical affair and saving time the essential goal. Instead of balancing these opposing functions—waking up and winding down—in one large room, the two realms were...

  • asia calling

    Out the kitchen doors and across the courtyard, a quiet master suite is the antithesis of the kitchen's constant buzz.

  • winter residence, tucson, ariz.

    The spa sybarites who commissioned this master bath remodel are so taken with the experience they're considering a plunge into the spa business.

  • bath: shower play

    Hidden behind a 7-foot-tall, free-floating headboard is a small passage to a simply sybaritic master bath. Its spare design belies the decadent offerings contained within the 270-square-foot space.

  • meditation in blue

    Dubbledam's concept of overlapping zones and spatial connectivity is most apparent in the master bath.

  • playing the angles

    Custom medicine cabinets match the width of the windows and reflect their panorama. (The arrangement adds romantic appeal, because to see Mount Tam the owners must also look toward each other.) Floating beech vanities leave floor space open, making the 7½-foot-by-12½-foot room seem larger.

  • mckinley bathroom, omaha, neb.

    When a Home Depot opened up in Omaha, Neb., it sparked a subversive idea in local architect Randy Brown's mind. "You can buy a bath there and basically plug it into your house," he says. "We decided to do the opposite."

  • fiat lux "let the light flow," del mar, calif.

    Because of a local law, 80 percent of the homes in Del Mar, Calif., are built partially underground. The dilemma that created for Jack B. Smyer II was how to deliver natural light to the basement bathroom of this house.

  • openly private

    Once we concluded that the entire corner of the house would be a glass curtain wall, we debated what room should go above the kitchen to take advantage of the light” says Stelle. “It ended up being the master bath because it's the one room you never want to be dark.” The glass has a mild reflective...

  • bath: stone heart

    Renovating a bathroom is somewhat like surgery. First, you must do no harm. Working around existing plumbing, wiring, and venting, architect Alex Harrow skillfully inserted a new, more vigorous heart into this master bath: a custom solid granite tub weighing 2,500 pounds—empty.

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