• private wine silo, teton county, wyo.

    Because of a high-water table in the Snake River flood plain, Carney Architects designed this nifty little 300-square-foot wine storage room as a silo instead of a conventional cellar.

  • a tale of two houses

    Philip Johnson's Glass House is often cited as his best building. While it was completed before Mies van der Rohe's house for Dr. Edith Farnsworth, it is generally considered derivative of that project, even though the all-glass house was hardly invented by Mies.

  • residential architect design awards 2004

    This isn't our design awards program, it's yours. You enter your best work and your peers judge which shall rise above the rest. We editors stand back and watch, always fascinated to see what gets entered and what gets chosen. As flies on the wall, we can

  • Hanson Sciannella Residence, Rockville, Md.

    The judges admired this interior transformation of a formerly dark, chopped-up ranch house.

  • australia: court and sparkle

    As it turns out, houses and neighborhoods abroad suffer from similar growing pains as those in the United States. A case in point is this row house in Surry Hills, Australia—a once rundown urban area in Sidney now in the midst of a dramatic rebirth.

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