The phrase “great room” evokes images of open, airy, expansive spaces capable of housing various activities with multiple gathering areas. The idea of families being able to cook, eat, do homework, read by the fire, watch a movie, entertain, enjoy surrounding views, or sit down at the piano in one all-inclusive room continues to be a desired feature among homeowners. Great rooms often have vaulted or double-height ceilings to generate a sense of awe, but such large volumes also can be overwhelming or cold if not thoughtfully designed. Adding wood to those high ceilings is one way to mitigate an unfriendly feel. It brings warmth and texture into the space, plus it can be detailed to blend with a variety of architectural styles. We’ve gathered a gaggle of gorgeous great rooms that manage to convey a cozy vibe thanks to interesting ceilings detailed with wood beams, panels, or trim.