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Wood Road Residence

CCY Architects

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Wood Road Residence

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6,200 sq. feet



  • John Cottle


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Project Description

The sloping site is located at the edge of a meadow and forest, with a small stream running nearby. The aspen forest and stream course have a fragile, ethereal quality. For the clients, outdoor space is as important as indoor space and engaging the creek, meadow, and forest are paramount. The architecture expresses a belief that on this particular site, engaging nature will be more powerful if the architecture is subservient and minimalist. The plan of the house is a singular bar forming a boundary, in the forest to the North and on the Meadow to the South. The bar is abstracted – interior space removed – for an outdoor living room adjacent to the creek. The only protrusions are a glass living room that lives in the trees and garage. In section the house utilizes the sloping topography: main living spaces engage the meadow at grade but cantilever over the lower level, projecting into the forest as a tree house. The roof is used as a terrace. The living and garage protrusions have lower roofs and are subservient to the primary bar. Materials are traditional for the area; a cut stone base and cedar siding. The color palette is taken from the stones and bark found in the stream bed and forest.
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