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Imagine the city for a sustainable mobility /

The goal of our project is giving back the street to pedestrians and cyclists. The 42nd street is one of the most iconic of NYC, from the 1st avenue and the UN Quarters to 12th Avenue and the Hudson, here is a story to tell to pedestrians, New Yorkers and tourists. !
Sociological observations /

There are 3 kinds of pedestrians :
1/ « Bill » « The Active pedestrian » : he walks because he loves that, he is involved in a
sustainable behavior and he knows perfectly his way and the time he needs.

2/ « Kelly » « The Opportunist Pedestrian » He walks because he heard by social network,
medias that something deserves to be seen, he is guided by news.

3/ « Bob » « The Pedestrian by Leisure » He rediscovers the city, he walks because he is a
tourist, because he thinks he has not an other choice or to get a healthy behavior.
Most of pedestrians are « Opportunist Pedestrians » or « Pedestrians by Leisure » that means they need to be encouraged to choice sustainable mobility like walking.

In order to encourage that practice, few recommendations visible on our project /
* Offering a pedestrian map because we have to inform about directions if we want more
pedestrians in the streets.

* Indicate time needed for the distance because the more people know how long it takes to
cover the distance

* Proposing a cultural map and art in the street

* A path-marking explaining how to explore the street

* Explaining the benefits of walking in order people get new sustainable and healthy habits

* Smart street furniture to get people connected

* Small wind turbines to get sustainable power in the street, and free pose for devices, and for owners of electric cars crossing the avenue.

* Ipad / Tablets Stations

42nd street as a socialization place

Thanks to a refined design, some parts of the new pedestrians path will become a new place of socialization. In that iconic street, a lot of high-rise residential buildings exist and a lot of commercial buildings too, it’s time for people of the the 42nd to meet each other, smart street furniture will help to that.

The new 42nd street will be smart and connected, telling a story to pedestrians.

A tram will cross all the new street and a bike lane too. The tram-shelters will be innovative, with AC and Heat.

This is the new vision of the 42nd street, a new design for new habits, for a
sustainable mobility.
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