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Viera is unique because it is the first large scale production housing that coordinates the shape of the homes to the shape of the lots while providing additional blending of interior and adjacent exterior spaces. Every home, from initial entry price points to luxury estate homes have this higher attention to design detail that should be a model for developments of the future. To benchmark the design we were fortunate enough to have an existing before plan based upon new urban planning. The first step in this new design process was to design the main trails before anything else. A circular trail connects all four quadrants, with a bisecting trail leading directly to the existing commercial development. The next step was to design a street system with a minimal number of conflict points to reduce both travel time and energy. Main trails cross higher traffic streets at diffusers which allow safer crossing. The beautiful wide gracefully meandering walkway add character while encouraging a stroll. The results is a development that has 38% less internal street length than the previous plan, 1/3 of the intersections, yet far better vehicular and pedestrian connectivity than the new urban alternative. Because we added the diffusers to set definitions of place and for safety, some paving was intentionally added, yet we demonstrated a 20% reduction of total paved surfaces compared to the prior plan. The number of premium locations skyrocketed with far fewer homes looking into each others back yards. The angled relationship of the homes, combined with coordinating interior functions extend views from within the homes for a reduced density feel. The average lot size is 15% greater than the previous plan of similar density. In all, reducing costs and adding value. A new standard for future developments.
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