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vali homes infill prototype house

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vali homes infill prototype house

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1,500 sq. feet


  • Matthew Salenger


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Creating affordable ultra-sustainable housing for infill lots across Metropolitan Phoenix: Working with Vali Homes, a Developer/Sustainable-Consultant and 180 Degrees, a quality General Contractor, our Team has engaged in studying various structures, methods and materials for building on empty lots in well-established Phoenix neighborhoods. These homes are meant as a contemporary equivalent of the “case study” homes of the 1960s- though built for our time and place, and with sustainability in mind. The home surpasses LEED Platinum certification, and has a blower test rating of .68 ach50. Using energy calculation software, we project the 1500 GSF house will use around 6000 kWh (about $700 worth) of electricity per year. The installed 3.6 kW solar PV system offsets this usage, creating a net-zero energy home. An Integrated Design Process was utilized to optimize performance versus cost over an eight month period prior to construction. The architect, developer, contractor, and key sub-contractors met several times to find creative solutions to increase quality, sustainability, durability, and cost effectiveness. The design utilized advanced framing techniques to reduce the amount of lumber by 20%. The walls are framed at 24" instead of the typical 16". These studs are aligned with the roof trusses, allowing for the reduction in structure. This also reduces heat transfer and increases space for insulation. The home contains two bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office space, and a large great-room. The exterior courtyard expands the living space to the outdoors and doubles as an entry court. Specialized details, such as frameless doors, allow the interior to flow from space to space, increasing its perceived size.
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