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UC Davis West Village

Studio E Architects, MVE Institutional, Lim Chang Rohling & Associates

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MetalSales, Metal Sales

Project Name

UC Davis West Village

Project Status


Year Completed



West Village Community Partnership, LLC


  • General Contractor: GP Construction West, Inc.
  • Carmel Partners
  • Kodiak Roofing & Waterproofing

Certifications and Designations

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Project Description

The University of California, Davis West Village is the largest planned net zero energy community in the United States.

The community comprises 205 acres with 662 apartments, 343 single-family homes, and commercial and recreational facilities. The campus consists of three primary developments – The Ramble apartment complex, Viridian apartment homes and retail space, and The Center recreational facility.

The sustainable design of the community limits energy consumption, enables energy production and contributes to a healthy environment. The development evokes the feel of an exclusive resort, with well-manicured landscaping and multi-colored buildings. The project team wanted to use specific colors without sacrificing LEED points. The team specified Metal Sales Manufacturing Corporation because of its ability to achieve this goal.

As a net zero energy development, UC Davis West Village is designed to generate as much energy as it consumes. On sunny days, the solar panels will generate more electricity than is needed for the site and send some back to the power grid. At night, the community will pull electricity from the grid, balancing out the excess power produced throughout the day.
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