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Turkish Beach Club Receives Extendable Greenhouse Expansion

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Turkish Beach Club Receives Extendable Greenhouse Expansion

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At the base of a rocky cliff face on the Turkish coast now stands The Babylon Beach Club housing the Monk Restaurant. Designed by architect Selin Maner, the beach club is a year-round restaurant and concert venue. Once a small restaurant covered in asphalt and concrete, the site has regained its natural look and feel through the use of Kebony wood, which now clads the exterior of the building.

The Monk restaurant presented an interesting creative challenge for Maner, as the size requirements of the indoor and outdoor space alters between the seasons. In spring and autumn, Babylon Kilyos is a venue for outdoor concerts and music festivals, hosting up to 20,000 concertgoers. In the winter months however, only the 100 guest capacity indoor restaurant is used. To solve this challenge the design team devised a glass greenhouse extension on a rolling track; this creates additional indoor seating space for the winter but allows the space to remain outdoor for the summer, providing a decked extension to the restaurant and beach bar.

The use of wood was important to achieve the natural look desired for the seafront space, yet durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions were also essential. Having worked extensively in Southeast Asia, the architect was very keen to ensure that the wood was sustainable and not from a tropical source. Developed in Norway, the Kebony technology is an environmentally friendly, patented process, which enhances the properties of sustainable softwood with a bio-based liquid. By ‘pickling’ the wood with this liquid under pressure, the wood is permanently modified giving Kebony premium hardwood characteristics. Thus, Kebony’s offer of a sustainable, durable and cost-efficient wood product delivered everything that was required of the project without the use of tropical hardwood.
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