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Tropism of wild flower

L'EAU design Co.,Ltd.

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Tropism of wild flower


49-27, Cheongdam-dong

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598 sq. meters


  • Construction Manager: E-ECO Construction

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Project Description

A City is a community filled with diverse discrete entities and a silhouette appears by the creation of a standardized system for the mutual co-existence of all entities. It is the Architecture which forms their living environment within this unknown disorder among the city's entities. Architecture is a multi-layered, three dimensional object within the Urban Eco-system. If the architecture is seized by the logic of economy and hardens to a solid object and cannot react flexibly to the variety of changes and the environmental stimulus, the flow of symbiosis forms within the biosphere will inevitably break naturally.
Today’s institutional model of neighborhood multi-use facilities is our main life stage found in typical residential areas fulfilling the general purpose of the facility which is "A Facility adjacent to the residential area to provide convenience to people's lives". Therefore, unlike the massive building towers located adjacent to the main roadside, the neighborhood multi-use facilities are located in a small site boundary consisted around 1,000 ~3,560 Sq. ft. in a small elaborately planned residential area. Like this, since the neighborhood multi-use facilities must need to respond to the vicinity of the sensitive environment while also limiting its extent due to various restrictions, it becomes a commonly used building structure which contains the general equation of a solidified building structure.

Plasticized Tropism
Bats which live in the deep dark caves have an excellent sense of smell and hearing in lieu of the atrophied eyes. A shell was created for the snails to maintain the moisture level. In reference, wild organisms grew and evolved by themselves in various ways to adapt the environment. However, can the City as called as the modern urban jungle flexibly adapt the circumstances within all these restrictions like nature adapted throughout the one hundred million years?
This project made a strategy to finally comply with the City's regulation than denying them. The purpose of the variety of Setback Legal Regulation was to respect human rights to ensure solar access along with securing privacy among the environment. This is equivalent to the Co-symbiotic system of the sunflowers facing the same direction as one another to receive solar light. A mass created by conforming along with the regulations undergoes a survival consciousness by joining the public areas to provide a maximized area of site for the inner programs to find the minimum value within the limited space given.

Self-Organization of Epidermis
Due to the various neighborhood multi-use facilities' characteristics of continuous program changes which include Office space, retails, cafes, residential etc. an epidermis is designed to survive within the capitalist market principles. It emits the identity by producing various skins that is not ordinary and reflecting the daily life of the ever-changing neighborhood environment as if a chameleon camouflaging at a barren desert to catch its own prey. This may be a placard, a colorful signage, or a LED display with multiple flowing images. This skin configuration created by freedom with no constraints is another image of a city within this modern society.
This building attempted to express the client’s business objectives and the individuality of various buildings while introducing a new interpretation and an alternative to co-exist harmoniously with the surrounding environment. We hope this approach will continuously communicate to not create massive forms of structure which only conforms to the standard regulations but to create a structure designed by an unforeseen relationship and questions the potential new symbiosis of typical neighborhood facilities within the residential areas.
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