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Tribeca Triplex

Mojo Stumer Associates

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Tribeca Triplex

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6,000 sq. feet





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The perfectly appointed roof deck, which is one of 3 private decks on the home, is accessible from a winding, exterior staircase. The 1300 square foot area boasts a custom Field Turf and cedar surface, rows of Dahlberg daisies, enormous stainless steel planters filled with Skyrocket Junipers and made to order lounge seating. Additional amenities include an enclosed Bar-B-Que, a built-in weather-proof surround sound system, made to order lounge seating and one of the most spectacular views of Wall Street in all of Manhattan. Luxury appointments aside, it is also the perfect playground for the residents’ 18 month old twin daughters. “As a native New Yorker, I certainly don’t take for granted what this roof deck has afforded my family; our vision and the architects design were synonymous,” the client remarked. Whether the family is sunbathing and grilling organic vegetables or hosting a kosher catered event for 25 friends, the roof deck is certainly well used and enjoyed.

Loft space beckons modern design. The harmony of living comfortably amongst modern artful architecture can be seen in this apartment. Stainless steel, marble and wood create a cool neutral color palate. Delineating soffits at multiple heights and a strategic lighting plan create a grand urban environment and give human scale to the unusually high ceilings. The clients sought after a creative design that allowed for open space and simultaneously created private living areas. The deliberate vast wall space accommodates artwork, which was placed to mimic the particular areas’ intent. The railroad layout and high ceilings gave way to unique architecture; playing with length in contrast to height and vice versa. Although new contemporary residences keep popping up all over the island, fitted with the most technological and environmental advancements and headlined by the most sought after architects and designers, this loft is buoyed to the top for meeting the needs of its inhabitants perfectly, showcasing the hand crafted and meticulous work of a renowned New York architect and adding more hip to an already hip neighborhood. The residence won a 2008 Archi Award for outstanding residential architecture. The chic, modern interior, remarkable outdoor areas and hip, up and coming neighborhood work in harmony to make this the perfect Manhattan home.
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