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In İstanbul, there is a structure in location of Levent which have a remarkable landscape and post-architectural buildings in heart of bussiness named Kanyon Trade Center near and with it’s Mall that all in sight and express meaning of why important is this location. Our project located at 14th floor of this current structure. There is an International pharma company named R-Pharm and in Türkiye named Tr-Pharm expressed the new organization of this location. This project which has thought a head office to plan its own prestige, has a perfect combine with Tr-Pharm’s company profile with physical conditions of the structure and with its location. Functions in space and 600m² area at point of plan provided a usuful match to create with the head office and its functions. Although enterance of the lobby has a corridor feeling for physicaly, but there created an effective loby area with using current materials. At this point, there exist some 3D production technics and firm’s official logo at bank desk side and its during surface. Also the ground covery which we used has a parametric pattern has 3D feeling on 2D surface at lobby, corridor and some part of open office. Almost in all parts in office, used concealed lightings and spot lights on ceiling side so that created a homogen skylight level. Another important thing provided simplecity especially on climate systems most parts of office and at the same time form richness and integrty of space; uses the honeycomb form with hole on ceiling part. Every units of the office from chairman to meeting room, from accounting room to open office all parts designed delicately with its own integrity of space and created with a harmony although with differences in physical and design when in crossing the office units. As well as the office design we designed special products in this T-Pharm project especially: chairman tables, meeting tables, wall units(book or tv) From the beginning to end, TR-Pharm project was very excited, enjoyable and for result, also very satisfied project for us; in which project we worked in design and project as well as application processes.
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