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The Waters of Olympic Park


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The Waters of Olympic Park

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Stroi International

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The Waters of Olympic Park is a creative and technological showpiece conceived, designed, engineered, and manufactured by WET expressly for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games and featuring choreographed water, fog and light. All the elements perform in organic unity under the hand of WET’s longtime choreographers to the music of Russian composers, including Tchaikovskiy, Khachaturyan, Shostakovitch, and Glinka in celebration of the XXII Winter Olympic Games.

In addition to being featured in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, The Waters of Olympic Park was the epicenter of Medals Plaza and served as the backdrop for the medals ceremonies. The feature was also designed to function as a social centerpiece and entertainment hub for athletes, attendees and the global viewing audience.

The fountain measures 75.3 meters (roughly 247 feet) in diameter and holds approximately 700,000 gallons of water. The fountain’s design features five symbolic Olympic rings formed from hundreds of WET's air-powered jets, which launch vertical columns of water up to 70 meters into the sky. Interwoven with these are WET’s motion-controlled, robotic performing nozzles, which create sweeping fans of water that pirouette across the expanse of the fountain. Swirls of fog sweep across the watery surface, adding to the suspense as the water plumes each wait their moment to burst into view.

At night, the liquid columns transform into ultra-vibrant liquid fireworks, brilliantly infused with color by hundreds of theatrical stage lights, which WET submerged and transformed into underwater luminaires. These LED powered lights are the brightest colored LED lights in the world. The drama is further enhanced by the feature’s “night sky” effect, with thousands of twinkling “stars” appearing within the waters of the fountain, mirroring the sky above.

The environment which houses the fountain, was created by the Russian general contracting firm, Stroi International. All proprietary technologies in this spectacle are created by WET, from concept through engineering and manufacturing of the specially designed equipment. This total control enables WET to create magical, emotional, and remarkable experiences that become iconic to where they live.

Upon the conclusion of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, The Waters of Olympic Park was gifted to the city of Sochi. Olympic Park will continue to host major events, possibly including Formula One and the Russian Grand Prix, with the built in focal point being WET’s feature. With this in mind, WET designed an extra ring of pulsating jets within the fountain to transform the Olympic formation into that of a universal pyramid.
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