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The vacuum and the full

Golden Ratio Collective Architecture

Project Name

The vacuum and the full

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Year Completed



1,292 sq. meters





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Project Description

A functional diagram is set on three levels, creates the necessary sections of the living room, dining room and kitchen on the ground floor level, two bedrooms with bathroom on the first level, and foreign wc, with home cinema in the basement.

Openings around, framing selected items, either internally in descending staircase or in the basement or outside in the garden, the pool and the surrounding area. With the west to be a key component in floor openings allow the passage of light, causing and forming reflections on solid surfaces. A constant dialogue of the vacuum and the full.

The coating of a mezzanine with exposed timber was chosen in order to impart the field elevation uplift , which with the backlight at selected points , highlights the texture of wood.

The surface of the compact fireplace , specially configured a section contain the outbreak, the emerging television but mostly the view to the pool . Relaxation and overall supervision , with perimeter gone to the shaped blanks, shaping everyday life of the couple.
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