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The Primary "Ultimate"

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The Primary "Ultimate"


Nuanjan 28

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Bangkok Pattana CMS Co.,LTD.


  • Civil Engineer: Pichat Tangjaroenbumrungsukk
  • Electrical Engineer: Patcha Fungchomchey

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Project Description

This home office proposal is targeted for those in their thirties to fifties who are particularly concerned in design issues. The project offers a small to medium sized office space for 10-30 staffs in residential areas.

The architect’s inspiration was initiated by a concept of transforming something simple to an astounding effect. He applied a grid distortion theory on the facade of the building to achieve an exceptional design from plainness. As for the interior space, he proposed a flexible arrangement for an office or a residential alteration as required

The site plan and building design were principally based on green building issues and concerned most about provision of ample open space. As to create a pleasant and shady environment, a number of big trees will be located in courtyards and a small garden was planned for each house. Buildings were designed with balconies along front facades. The balconies are not only practical and serviceable for putting a/c compressors but also functional as a heat buffer to the buildings which is most needed for Thailand tropical climate.

Plain elements make the building contemporaneous. However, the attraction lies in the illusion brought by the distortion of such elements which makes the building look as if it is in motion.
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