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The Power House Restoration/Renovation

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The Power House Restoration/Renovation

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A 1928 municipal power building gets a new life as the LEED Gold–rated St. Louis headquarters of Cannon Design. The National Historic Landmark exterior was fully restored, while the interior of the empty shell—which was gutted by the city before Cannon bought it—was outfitted with energy-efficient mechanical systems and a new mezzanine level to accommodate the building’s massive arched windows. Curvilinear railings contrast with the original steel, wood, and brick structure.

Jury: “The project maintains, preserves and reestablishes the integrity of the existing, historic building while creating modern, attractive, and energy-efficient interior spaces that accommodate user needs.”

Client: “The space helps us communicate to our current and potential clients what our aspirations are as architects. Clients are able to see both our respect for the extant built environment and our unique notion of contemporaneity. And we are able to express through our own working environment our commitment to a sustainable future.” —David Polzin, AIA, design principal, Cannon Design
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