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The Pavilion

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The Pavilion

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1,823 sq. feet


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The Pavilion is designed to create an indoor/outdoor living environment for entertaining and recreation in a city that typically shuts its doors to the outdoors. Great attention to creating space and acute selection of materials and finishes were the driving forces that guided the design process for this project. Las Vegas is known for its glitzy night life and the fantasy of themed Strip architecture. But is also a city with a soul and residents who desire the "good" life. The project addresses the latter head on. Developers and home owners alike for generations have turned their backs on the reality of the desert climate in Las Vegas making places that ignore the natural environment. This project seeks to embrace the outdoors through responsible, cognitive design strategies that make smart use of prevailing breezes, water features, cantilevered roofs that provide shade, appropriate desert landscaping that form intimate seating areas. The plan is designed to allow for natural breezes to blow through the open living area when retractable pocket doors are opened on three sides of the building. The building's edges all but disappear to promote an outdoor lifestyle and blur the line between interior and exterior space. Generous patios and outdoor seating areas provide comfortable places for conversation and relaxation. A limestone patio extends seamlessly into the pool house as a consistent ground plane. The Pavilion is oriented to take full advantage of the golf course views to the south while a 500 sf private roof deck overlooks the nearby Redrock Mountains and sunsets to the West. Stone walls with various textures provide all the support needed for the expansive cantilevered roof structure whose wood ceiling gives the space a feeling of warmth and comfort.. This Project is worthy of an award because it makes the ideas of indoor/outdoor living a comfortable reality in a place known for its hot climate and not its attention to quality life.
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