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The Nantucket Residence

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10 North Star Lane





Dr. and Mrs. Delos Cosgrove


  • General Contractor: Seamus Crowley

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5,000 sq. feet

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Project Description

10 North Star Lane, Nantucket, Massachusetts,

The original house was built in 1989. The house was built with the vernacular of the 1980’s; split level living room, brick fireplace in between the living room and dining room, dark hardwood floors and oak cabinets. The exterior was typical Nantucket shake with small double hung windows. The house is situated in a cul-de-sac away from the beautiful views of the sea.

With the above restrictions as a starting point Dr and Mrs. Toby Cosgrove desired a modern - white precisely detailed home similar to their home in Ohio. Architect William Blunden designed the renovation of their Ohio home and was hired to design 10 North Star in Nantucket.

The design was developed with weekly design review meetings at HFP/ Ambuske Architect’s conference room every Saturday for over a year. The architectural design team included William Blunden, Alan Ambuske, Chad Costello and Toby and Anita Cosgrove. The Owners Saturday input was either in person or via telephone from different parts of the world.

The original house was simply rebuilt - the only thing that was left after the demolition was the structure. New large windows were added to the house to extend the interior views, the attic space was removed to extend the second floor bedrooms, bathrooms and entry foyer to the roof. Dormers were added to bring natural light into the upper floors and to the upper area of the Foyer. The design included a series of modern white spaces including the conversion of the existing garage into a media center and the addition of a master suite to the original floor plan that contained a new master bedroom, bath and dressing area. The exterior included new shake siding, windows and new roof per Nantucket’s historic guidelines.

The basic materials for the interior of the house included drywall with white paint, stainless steel kitchen pedestal, stainless steel appliances, white painted casework and white stained oak hardwood flooring throughout the house.

The lighting included dimmable downlights, LED lights placed at vertical and horizontal plane changes and a custom LED fixture for the Dining Room. Back painted white glass was utilized for the countertops and glass with stainless steel were an integral part of the bathrooms.

The Living Room fireplace complements the total design aesthetic. The contractor, Seamus Crowley, spent considerable time removing the existing brick fireplace and constructing the stunning modern Living Room focal point.

The furniture selection was completed by Anita Cosgrove and her London Interior Designer, Constanze Von Unruh. The Living Room stainless steel coffee table and Dining Room table were designed by Architect William Blunden. The artwork was selected by Anita Cosgrove.

The design of 10 North Star is a great integration of architecture, interior design and the careful selection of all details from furniture to artwork. The design is precise and refreshing both inside and outside, concluding with the remodeled modern - white interior within the historic Nantucket exterior.
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