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The Fortress

Nicholas Fabrikant

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The Fortress

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Nicholas Fabrikant has created an idyllic digital-free retreat in the Northern Kingdom of Vermont, free of the digital shackles we find ourselves in every day. He likes to design with an eye for an aesthetic that is both “classical and pioneering”, claiming that it is this proportion to nature that will set us free. He worries about the modern technologies that handicap our humanity, constantly advocating for a renewed focus on community and appreciation for all the beauty that exists in the world. When designing, he reinforces these principles by thoroughly integrating the users of a space with the world beyond it. In the Fortress, this is most-readily understood through the windows which allow an extraordinary amount of sunlight to filter in, and the furniture which each occupy a physical place in the house as well as play a role in its greater design. “Medieval-minimalism” he calls it.

The Location:
If you’ve ever been to Vermont, you already understand the impressive seclusion it enjoys – the metropolises of Boston, New York City and even Montreal, are still a few hundred miles away. The Fortress is located in the small hamlet of Vershire, VT – a quaint area with but a handful of local businesses. What it lacks in services though, it more than makes up for in awe-striking views. From the deck of the Fortress you can see the peaks of the Franconias, the local mountain range home to some of the best skiing in the Northeast.

The Fortress is a residential structure that he’s currently renting out to escaping city folks on Airbnb, and his calendar is packed solid. So with this first residential success under his belt, Nick is already drafting plans for a second residence nearby, again building on the principles of simplicity, geometry and what he likes to call “honesty.” After all, if we are not honest with our structures, how can we be honest with ourselves?
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