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The Dubai Fountain


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The Dubai Fountain

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Dubai takes pride in having the biggest and best of everything. The goal for WET’s water features at the Emaar development, Burj Khalifa, certainly was no different. Having seen WET’s previous successful fountains, Emaar’s Chairman wanted to bring the thrill and grandeur of WET’s work to this distinguished, mixed-use development. He commissioned WET to design spectacular water features that would make this property a standout in a city of standouts, marking Burj Khalifa as a must-see destination.

The Dubai Fountain is situated prominently in front of the world’s tallest manmade structure, Burj Khalifa. Five rings of high-powered water jets span the entire length of the lake ensuring that every vantage point around the perimeter is an exceptional one. WET introduced the most sophisticated submarine, robotic water jets ever developed, and innovative use of projected light, which allows The Dubai Fountain to exhibit painted images on its darting water forms.

The fountain also boasts WET’s XtreamShootersTM, jets that launch water a record-setting 50 stories high. The Dubai Fountain is appreciably larger than that of The Fountains of Bellagio, and is by any measure the largest choreographed fountain in the world. International music selections, including Middle Eastern, African and Western pieces, provide the inspiration for over 1,000 individually choreographed elements. Such a complex water feature normally requires 3 years to complete from start to finish. WET and the Emaar team were able to finish the project in just 18 months.

The Burj Khalifa development draws in, and caters to, guests who desire excellence in every aspect of their lives. Emaar’s project provides the finest in architecture, retail, residences, and hospitality, and now the complex is also home to the grandest entertainment experience in the world. Water serves as a unifying element throughout the development as well as the surrounding international community, bringing people of all ages and all backgrounds together to relish in stunning fountain performances. The Dubai Fountain has not only become a destination within the Middle East, but it is now a destination for travelers all around the globe.
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