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The Academy of Music


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The Academy of Music

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This National Historic Landmark building is the oldest continually operating concert hall in the United States. The restoration to bring it back to its original state reversed more than 150 years of ad hoc alterations. The interior restoration, based on an 1860s photo, includes light fixtures and color schemes true to the original design.

Jury: “A thoughtful, meticulous restoration in which technical improvements are ingeniously concealed, and lighting is carefully placed to draw attention to the proportions, color, and detailing that reawaken the space’s unique character.”

Client: “I don’t think you can quantify the return on investment for this project. It’s invaluable. As stewards of a National Historic Landmark, it’s our responsibility to maintain this treasure for the future generations, and to have the right architect means you are creating the best possible legacy for the future.” —Joanna McNeil Lewis, president and CEO, the Academy of Music
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