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Terrace Roof Replacement and Green Roof

AE Works, Ltd.

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Terrace Roof Replacement and Green Roof

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14,212 sq. feet

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Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum

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Project Description

Constructed during the early 1900’s in the Beaux-Arts Style, Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum is a treasured National Register of Historic Places landmark in the City of Pittsburgh. This multi-phased project upgrades the roofing system of this renowned public building and incorporate the latest green technologies in roofing design.

Phase I of the project involved design and construction of a roof replacement for the building’s terrace level, approximately 13,500-SF, including demolition and removal of the existing roof and flashing material. Following the terrace roof replacement, Phase II involved planning and design of a green roof system to help demonstrate this organization’s commitment to sustainability and recent addition to the 2030 District in Oakland.

The vegetated roof has the capability to store rain water in reservoir like panels with stored water later absorbed by the plants. If more rain fall occurs that can be absorbed by the soil and reservoir, it will flow into the roof drains and storm system. The additional filtration step slows down the flow of water into the storm water drains, helping to relieve flash flooding, as well as clean the water prior to entering our streams and rivers. The new green roof design retains 3.9 times more rain and reduces the peak run-off rate by 31%.
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