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Sustainable Urban Living Prototype

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Mohammad Askarzadeh, Incorporated Architecture and Design

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Sustainable Urban Living Prototype


146 Condor Street, Boston, MA


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Concept Proposal

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Project Description

Sustainable Urban Living Prototype in Boston.

Continuous demand for housing has transformed Boston to one the most expensive cities in United States and all the world. This fact is more important when there are over 100 schools in the city and 250,000 students enrolling every year. Besides, growing economy is bringing many professionals to the city every year and housing demand is always more than supply. This emphasizes the importance of an affordable housing and living prototype for new and current citizens.

The project proposes a prefabricated housing unit which can be assembled in different forms in order to provide several layouts, each matched with a particular life style that exists or can exist in Boston. Following by Natural order project benefits from a pentagon shape repetitive pattern that populates in spatial clusters in the site and this spatial morphology is extendable and deductible based on residents requirements.

Except structural and vertical cores there is no any construction in the Ground level and this lets growing habitat to stay and grow, while project encourages the farm and fish markets to happen in the site by allocating particular spots in the landscape of the site. Successful experience of Hey Market would happen here and sellers would be able to use water transportation to carry their food and fruits to the site. They might also want to keep their products on the boats so people come to the water edge and visit their boat to buy their food and fruit.

Project defines a living prototype as well as a housing prototype. In recommended living prototype of the project, residents can use their private boat bikes or water taxies for transportation. Water map of the Boston area gives the possibility to access to the most of the city centers, schools, commercial zones and downtown area by water. Boat bikes and water taxies are clean, green, fast and fun. Four main boat parking are designed in Public level of the project. Circular boat parkings are located on the trace of old tanks that has been removed from the site.

Pentagon shape has been chosen as a core pattern and it can include up to 5 prefabricated units. Project may be built in several phases based on market demands. To use and live in the earlier setup units there is no need to wait for the whole community to be finished and built. There is always chance to extend the pattern system if project neighbor decide to sell his/her land or use the same design system to join with the project.

Prototype morphology is inspired by examples of growth pattern in the Nature and mushroom center core formation has been chosen for pentagonal structure of the project. Reusing the out of date tanks in the region as vertical access mixed with pentagons standing on their single structural foot gives the impression of a giant mushroom forest and the natural habitat the grows and lives under protection of mushroom cantilevers.
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