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Roba Youssef

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This project will study the social and programmatic performance and character of a student gathering place. The student gathering place will serve as a refuge
from the forceful educational environment of the Architecture and Design department, and it will reinforce a critical sense of "SPACE" through the organization of its program. The place will place a discovery of "SPACE": a reflection upon the student's .

The issue of "students" is of primary importance. What are they, how do they live, what space do they require and how they affect spaces.

The Barcode portray exactly the idea of a space-Black for elements and White for Voids and the whole information is represented by a hidden element which is the transparency. To Study space identity we should study the user "The students", Students are defined by two contrasting terms Linearity and Randomness. The users are the ones who creates the space.The Space is receptive to students needs and also speaks there language, in a state of contrast between Linearity and Randomness the space will be shaped by students using linear and randomly placed elements that can fit too different needs creating a dynamic students center. Final result will be creating random vision in the whole space but also Linear vision toward a specific function.
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