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Stevens & Wilkinson Completes Immersive Learning Design for Ronald E. McNair Middle School

Stevens & Wilkinson

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Stevens & Wilkinson Completes Immersive Learning Design for Ronald E. McNair Middle School

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Stevens & Wilkinson recently completed work with Fulton County Schools to design the Ronald E. McNair Middle School replacement facility, which is a middle school prototype that previously has been site-adapted to nine sites.

Tenth of this design, the Ronald E. McNair Middle School will implement new typologies of learning and space to accommodate 21st century learning skills and technologies that are necessary to prepare students for the changing needs of college, the workforce, and future careers.

The architecture project team with Stevens & Wilkinson designed the 187,000 square-foot school to deliver a fully functional immersive learning atmosphere. The concept involved self-contained yet unified learning settings provisioned for complex and rich learning environments.

The middle school features 46 core classrooms; 12 science labs; 9 specialty labs and classrooms; a re-envisioned media center; leading-edge gymnasium; and music and art rooms.

These content- or topic-based immersive learning zones were created to feature visually appealing and imaginative designs with multifunctional learning spaces; custom niches for concentration; and bold, colorful interiors.

Other immersive learning or so-called “neighborhood” environments include team lecture and collaboration spaces; four interchangeable classrooms; individual work areas; tiered lecture areas; and a central teacher planning node within each neighborhood.

The immersive learning design for Ronald E. McNair Middle School incites creativity and encourages active collaboration, with the collective goal of successfully addressing challenges surrounding the ways in which students retain information; the advancement of new technologies; the unique customization of curriculum; and a focus on flexible and active learning spaces.

Stevens & Wilkinson’s middle school design gives rise to students being highly engaged in an environment that enables teachers to put theory into action.
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