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Sonoma Residence


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Sonoma Residence

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3,500 sq. feet


  • Mark Szumowski / Michelle Wempe




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Project Description

A PLACE ON THE MEADOW This house and adjacent pool house represent quintessential Sonoma living — modern, yet pastoral; simple, yet luxurious; formal in plan, yet exuberant in spirit. They literally exist in a meadow, capturing its essence. The house reflects the owners’ personal style, where color, pattern, and texture enhance their connection to the landscape in which they live and play. One of the primary client objectives was to create a home with a relationship between the interiors and the landscape, a family-centered environment with formal and informal public spaces and a private bedroom wing. The private side of the house includes a master bedroom suite for quiet relaxation, as well as two bedroom suites for the children. Our challenge was to create a sense of separation between the private suites and the public, more noisy side of the residence. The custom concrete screen in the family room achieves this by affording some visual separation without being solid. The genesis for the imagery is the Kerapa — an Akan symbol of spiritual cleanliness and good fortune. Together, the design and fabrication team extrapolated the symbol into a three-dimensional object with the elements bending around, or hugging, each other, then stacked the elements to create a woven effect. The design of this unique panel was first created digitally. A 3D print was made for study and refinement, and ultimately, rubber molds were fabricated. The finished elements were cast over several weeks and then stacked on threaded rods supported by a steel beam concealed in the ceiling and epoxied into place.
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