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S.N. Shure Theater

Krueck+Sexton Architects

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Project Description

This 142-seat theater was commissioned to commemorate S.N. Shure's outstanding contributions of technical significance in amplified sound. The design employs state-of-the-art acoustical and audio technologies that reflect Shure's historic commitment to continuous innovation. It conveys Shure quality through warmth of materials and comfort, and opulence through its acoustic quality and seamlessly integrated technology. One is unaware of the engineering at play, building on the strengths of the company and extending their legacy to the future.
The infill project was designed to achieve acoustic isolation, visual openness and personal comfort. A displacement central air system provides low-velocity air below the seats and serves to isolate the noise and vibration from the nearby central mechanical plant. A stretch fabric ceiling includes a recessed theatrical lighting system and masks the visual discontinuity between the absorptive and reflective materials above.
The space is "tuned" to showcase Shure's products, as sound is controlled in the room with English Sycamore panels and fins designed to provide both the absorption and diffusion of sound, resulting in a balanced environment for amplified music and speech. The fins were designed, mocked-up and modified to uncover the perfect solution for the acoustics, while extending the space beyond the container.
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