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Slope Six

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Slope Six

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8,822 sq. feet


  • Clive Bridgwater


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This ski-in/ski-out residence is located in Park City, Utah at the top of a mountain with an elevation of 9,450 feet. Since the home will get between 300 and 500 inches of snow on it annually, the home is designed to literally “get buried.” The copper clad roofs slope toward the back (upslope) of the house and fold down the rear walls to protect the home. The snow is collected behind the house (a phase two collection pond is designed) and as it melts will become a pond, slowly drained off for irrigation water over the summer allowing the whole cycle to begin again each winter. The downslope elevations are predominantly glass, with views over the treetops for hundreds of miles. The home is for a family of 6 (plus four to eight guest each visit) so the house is designed to be climbed on, through and around. A series of “living platforms,” both inside and outside, allow small groups of people to collect for different activities while all being a part of the overall space. Fold back door systems throughout the house blur the distinction between inside and outside. A central atrium with 15’-18’ trees bring the surrounding forest right through the house. Three curving stone walls bring you through the house…one by car, one by foot and one by ski. Classic mountain architectural materials are used, but re-interpreted in a completely new, contemporary way.
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