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Skyridge Barn and Stables

nasrin barbee Architect's studio

Project Name

Skyridge Barn and Stables

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1,852 sq. feet

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  • Structural Engineer: Sowards and Brown Engineering
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Project Description

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

This project deserves an award for using required local code visual restrictions, specific setbacks, and many programmatic, spatial relations, and aesthetic challenges, to our advantage to create a working, functional and beautiful Architecture:

-The Arena open space doubles as "fire separation" and the required front set back.
-"Separation from House and Barn" was transformed into a Vineyard on the slope between the Barn and the main house atop the hill.
-The linear narrow stalls with copper roofing, is embraced at each end with larger structures, one a trailer Garage with an attached Living space, the other a multipurpose room/storage. This creates the visual connection to the main house.
-Paddocks are behind stalls and face the vineyard, shielding horses' fenced area from the street.
-South facing long overhang shade horse stalls in hot summer days, and the multiple Copulas allow hot air to escape for better natural ventilation, and cooling.
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